“We chose Tohickon to exclusively manufacture our eyes because we wanted the highest quality eyes possible to match our mannikins.”


1. Fast
2. Accurate
3. Consistent (every time)
4. Lifelike
5. Symmetrical
6. Foam eye lids

a) Secondary eyelid groove
b) Keeps clay from smooshing out
c) Doesn’t distort during drying
d) dries quicker (less clay)
e) Holds pins 10 times better than clay

The Accu-Fast Eye Setting System is designed for the production taxidermist. I invented the pre-set eye and believe that Accu-Fast is not only faster but has numerous advantages over the pre-set eye. The pre-set eye has one expression-alert. Accu-Fast, since you do us a small roll of clay allows you to create your desired expression. The Accu-Fast Eye System allows you to tuck your eye lids where you can’t with the pre-set. Pre-set eyes tend to move and distort in the manufacturing process giving inconsistent results. Accu-Fast Eyes are “post-set” meaning you get flawless consistency.


“Tohickon Glass Eye is proud to have offered the world’s finest glass eyes to the taxidermy industry for thirty years. Tohickon’s 745 Series eye was developed specifically for Revolution Taxidermy Supply’s 90/100 eye setting system using the most superior quality optical glass and meticulously and painted detail found throughout the Tohickon line. Use in combination with Revolution forms for an award winning result in a fraction of the time!”

Antonio R. Alfaro / Director / Tohickon Glass Eye

“Skeptical at first but after mounting on your forms I believe they are the best I’ve ever mounted on. The symmetry set eyes are the best idea I’ve seen in a long time”

Randy Nelson, MN
Owner, Inventor of Quick Rocks & Breakthrough writer and World Champion

“The symmetry set eyes are great!!!”
– Jarod Ersdy, MI

“Love the symmetry set eyes, their convenience, speed and better eye sets plus symmetry”
– Mark William, VA

“Love the forms, easiest eye set ever, couldn’t believe how good it went together plus really like the look, symmetry set eyes are so good I don’t want to use eyes without lines”
– Michael Glass, TN

“Really like the symmetry set eyes for both deer and elk!!”
– Mary Clark, ID

“The symmetry set eyes are fantastic! Takes the guess work out”
– Mike Alamany, ID

“Symmetry set eyes are excellent!! Fast and even.”
– Clayton Best, Ontario

“Your symmetry set eyes saved time and gave me symmetry”
– Dave L. WI

“Love the symmetry eyes, best idea!!! Very excited about them!!”
– Brian Turek, ID

“Using your symmetry set yes with your forms give a customer a pleasing combination”
– Jim Williams, VT